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A Streamlined Approach
to Home Care Services

Nationwide providers of Durable Medical Equipment (DME), home health support, physical therapy services, and diagnostic services

Full-service DME providers with over 25 years of experience

Immediate access to fully accredited healthcare teams

Save time and ease the admin of scheduling & testing

Home care assistance — as it’s needed

Fulfilling workers’ comp claims can be a time-sensitive matter. That’s why our team of DME providers and health industry experts are here to eliminate the administrative burden of setting patients up with the care they need.

From sourcing medical equipment to negotiating terms for home recovery teams, we offer a helping hand exactly when it’s needed.

Partner with a DME provider dedicated to efficient, cost-effective home health services

Focused on helping patients maintain their independence while also streamlining the administrative process for workers compensation claims. We aim to support insurance companies and TPAs just as much as we support patients. With prior experience as adjusters and extensive knowledge of pricing, our team has the skills you need to make managed care facilitation a more seamless process.

As home health facilitators, we understand your needs

From mobility aids and respiratory equipment to skilled nursing and physical therapy services, Magnolia Compcare is experienced in leveraging the best possible outcomes for healthcare services and equipment.

Whether a patient requires targeted treatment or more long-term care, we ensure every case is handled professionally.

Our full range of services include:

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

As well as collaborating with local hospitals and clinics, we’re also a full-service DME provider that can supply medical equipment directly.

Home Health

We operate a national network of home care assistance for patients wanting the best care possible, from the comfort of their own home.

Physical Therapy

We facilitate appointments with fully accredited physical therapists to rehabilitate patients and ensure documentation is handled with care.


Offering fast turnaround times on diagnostic testing, we ensure treatment can be initiated and paperwork can be processed without delay.

What people like about our services

A full-service DME supplier

We are not only a DME network, we are also a full-service DME company. This means that while we’ll always do our best to work with requesting providers to facilitate the ordering of equipment, we also have the licenses and accreditations to supply equipment directly.

Your experts in managed care facilitation

Workers’ comp claims made easy

Step 1

Contact our team to discuss your needs and how we can assist you

Step 2

Once you’ve selected your service, we’ll start making arrangements straight away

Step 3

Our team will negotiate on your behalf, providing exceptional service throughout

Share the burden of
facilitating at-home care

A strategic partner who understands your needs